Passionate Thoughts…

It’s surprising how difficult it can be to clear one’s mind of negative ‘practical’ thoughts when trying to write some simple lists.  All I was trying to do was write a list of what I was good at, a list of what I was really interested in or enjoyed doing, a list of the sorts of things I choose to read about and finally a list of things that I had secretly dreamed of.  In particular I found it difficult to write the list of things that I was interested in without having the quantifying factor that this was a list that hopefully I’d be able to find a career from.  It made me want to miss off things like singing and swimming in the sea – because nobody would ever buy my music, and I definitely don’t want to become an open water swimming champion etc.

I would challenge everyone who reads this blog post to just take five minutes per list and write.  Maybe if you get really stuck ask a friend, and once you have a couple of ideas, more will just flow.  Even if you aren’t trying to find your passion, or career ideas, it really does just allow you a few moments access to who you are, and I’d be very surprised if you didn’t think of something and decide that you wanted to try that again.

The list I enjoyed the most, was the list of things that I secretly dreamed of.  Here there are a couple of really unrealistic things because I just don’t have the talent, such as being a West End leading lady, but it’s made me realise that I could maybe enjoy a local amateur dramatics group or similar.  It’s also got my childhood dreams of being a pilot or the next female Prime Minister.  Both these again are not out of the question, although they perhaps give better insight into the kind of things I’d like to focus on, such as making a difference and a sense of freedom, rather than being hard and fast career options.

It’s amazing how enjoyable it has been to think about these things – I shall follow on the with the next steps and report back soon.


The path begins
January 9, 2012, 9:47 pm
Filed under: journey, new beginnings

So here, on the 9/1/12, my route down the Passion Path begins.

A little background, in July 2011 my beautiful son, Edward, was born and he brought to my life a peacefulness and joy that only new mothers can perhaps begin to understand.  But more than that, he made me realise that life is now, it doesn’t start when I graduate from university, or when I get my first job.  It doesn’t start when I finally get some free time to clear out my clutter and start afresh, it began when I was born and I need to live it NOW.

So that’s what i’m going to do…

I have always been a watcher, I like to research and read and plan and plan and plan but so often I don’t manage to actually do.  I frequently started and infrequently finished.  So this is my journey to alter that, I need to use my time intelligently to make the most of it, I need to start things and finish them so that I can truly enjoy them and make the most of my life.  I want to simplify it so that I can become productive, I want to do less to do more, as so many of the life-coach style gurus that are now out there are suggesting.

The next 12 months are going to be my most creative and fulfilling yet, I hope to look back over this blog and be able to say to myself, you did it, you achieved what you set out to do, you finished what you started.  For those who wish to follow me down this path, you are very welcome.  If you wish to support me along the way, I hope to support you back, so let’s journey together through 2012.