The path begins
January 9, 2012, 9:47 pm
Filed under: journey, new beginnings

So here, on the 9/1/12, my route down the Passion Path begins.

A little background, in July 2011 my beautiful son, Edward, was born and he brought to my life a peacefulness and joy that only new mothers can perhaps begin to understand.  But more than that, he made me realise that life is now, it doesn’t start when I graduate from university, or when I get my first job.  It doesn’t start when I finally get some free time to clear out my clutter and start afresh, it began when I was born and I need to live it NOW.

So that’s what i’m going to do…

I have always been a watcher, I like to research and read and plan and plan and plan but so often I don’t manage to actually do.  I frequently started and infrequently finished.  So this is my journey to alter that, I need to use my time intelligently to make the most of it, I need to start things and finish them so that I can truly enjoy them and make the most of my life.  I want to simplify it so that I can become productive, I want to do less to do more, as so many of the life-coach style gurus that are now out there are suggesting.

The next 12 months are going to be my most creative and fulfilling yet, I hope to look back over this blog and be able to say to myself, you did it, you achieved what you set out to do, you finished what you started.  For those who wish to follow me down this path, you are very welcome.  If you wish to support me along the way, I hope to support you back, so let’s journey together through 2012.




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